Soccer Nation Soccer Nation

Soccer Nation, the first P2E soccer management game on Cardano.


Soccer Nation will be a game in the style of Soccer Manager/Top Eleven games. A game where for the first time ever, the in-game purchases will be made with the help of a special token which will be created on Cardano’s blockchain and will be available in any Cardano exchange like Sundaeswap,Muesliswap etc.
We will start to develop the game immediately after we finish with the drop of all seasons, in meantime we will start talks with some of the Game Development companies that we want to work with. The team behind Soccer Nation is made of Computer Science and Engineering students, crypto enthusiasts and people that are in love with CNFTs .
Like most of the soccer management games, in our game the users will build their team consisting of 25 players total.
They can customize the club name, the badge and the shirts.
Additionally, there will be options of upgrading or buying new stadiums and transfer windows in which you can make transfers(buy/sell/loan players) with pre-defined set of rules.
After all seasons have been launched, the NFT holders based on their NFT rankings will receive $tokens.
For example if you hold 4 NFT-s with the rank(32,41,222,390), for each-one of them you will receive different amount of $tokens.
Yes. You will be able to stake your NFT-s and receive $tokens for that.
Yes. After your receive your first tokens, you can start building your team and after that you can apply to participate in a league and wait until enough teams have joined the league.
After 20 teams total apply to participate in the league, the league will become active and each of the applicants will receive an email that the league will start in the next 5 days. Every team will compete 2 times against each other in a single season. So every team will play 39 matches total until the season ends. The season will last 3 months and every match will be played in timestamp of 2 or 3 days.
For every match you win, you will receive tokens. And for every draw, both teams will receive tokens.
At the end of the season the top 3 places of the league table will receive a significant number of tokens.
After the end of the first season, based on how many leagues are created, the teams that have better score will be automatically placed in the first league, second league etc... accordingly, basically like rl rules.
No. To raise the value to the game and the token, our marketing team will promote the game so that more people will join us to play. To be eligible to play they will need to buy our token and then will participate the same way like the holders of our NFT-s.
There is going to be a Soccer Nation staking pool, in which everyone who stakes their ADA there will get airdrops of tokens and limited NFT-s.
Also our team doesn't disclose working with other Cardano projects where our holders can get benefits like whitelist spots, etc.
Based on the future of the metaverse technology, we hope that we will create 3D characters which will be available to be used in metaverse projects such as the Pavia Stadium, but we cannot promise this to you, yet!


Soccer Nation is a collection of 5000 randomly generated NFTs on Cardano Blockchain, separated in 4 seasons with 1250 NFTs for each season

Season 1 - Goalkeepers (1250 NFTs) - TBA , the correct date will be announced soon

50 ADA

5000 NFTs separated in 4 seasons
1250 NFTs for each season
Public Drop: 1000 NFTs
Whitelist: 250 NFTs

Public Drop: 3 NFTs per tx
Whitelist: 1 NFT

The minting address for the public drop will be published in 📣announcements.
WARNING: We will NEVER DM you with a wallet address.

You can use Shelley-era wallet like Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus and CCVault for minting
Do not send any ADA from exchanges like Binance, Coinbase etc







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